Sunday, February 1, 2009

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is literally in my blood. I have since I was a baby consumed this amazing item. My love of olive oil is a bit obsessive, I am big surprise very particular and have come to the conclusion that there is not always a correlation between price and quality. Now I typically only use extra virgin olive oil and in simply refer to it as olive oil. That's not to say I use only one brand of oil rather I have oils for marinating, frying and using in it's uncooked form. All of it extra virgin. Not all Extra virgin olive oil is the same, obviously olives from California differ from those in Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Morocco etc. Now I prefer Greek olive oil simply because it keep my close to my heritage and hands down there are amazing Greek artisan oils. One of the greatest experience in life was visiting the olive groves in my mom's hometown in Messinia, Greece. Kalamata is know for it's olives but nothing can prepare you for the experience and artistry involved with creating such an unique liquid. I was lucky enough to receive a unique Christmas gift. A case of extra virgin olive oil from Messinia and i must say I covet it with my life. :) The aroma is complex and the olive flavor distinct with a bit of a bite. The color is the unbelievably green and I am truly trying to ration it.


Joie de vivre said...

Oooh lovely! Lucky girl!

Laurie Constantino said...

hard to imagine a better xmas gift! and yes, I do covet it. use it in the good health.

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